Rewrite Your Story

Your story is being written down in heaven―and their version is way better than anything you can imagine! With Heaven’s Perspective, you’ll get a sneak peak at the Book of Life and hear your story told in Jesus’ voice.

We interview you about one of your most painful experiences in life, then rewrite your story through the eyes of a good God. Eternity crosses out the brokenness and erases your pointless pain, replacing them with amazing tales of redemption, glory and romance. You’ll never look at your life the same way again!

The Impact

The Book

In 17 real-life stories, Heaven’s Perspective shows just how different things look from eternity’s point of view. A mother whose son lived only one day learns he will never experience a day in heaven without her. A little-known musician discovers his songs are in constant rotation before God’s throne. A man struggling for emotional intimacy is known in heaven as the curse-breaker for generations of his family. And Jesus takes the uncompleted parts of each one’s destiny and bestows them on others, so that every word of calling that goes forth from him is completely fulfilled. Get the book and see how Heaven’s Perspective changes you!

Your Story

Have you ever wondered, “Why did God allow that? Why didn’t he stop it?” or “What did I do wrong?” Heaven’s perspective lets you ask your biggest questions and hear what eternity has to say. We’ll interview you about one of your most painful experiences in life, rewrite your story from Heaven’s Perspective, and then give it back to you in a beautiful embossed journal.


Your story comes in a keepsake, embossed journal with journaling questions to help you reflect on what Jesus is saying to you.


We’ve included a companion soaking worship CD to help you enter God’s presence as you read and journal about your story.


Reading your story in God's presence can be a life-changing experience of touching his goodness in an intimate, personal way.


Sign Up

journal and CD
  1. Purchase a story rewrite
  2. Choose a time for your personal story interview
  3. Choose one significant, difficult experience or life season to tell us about.
  4. We’ll call you for the interview and take it from there.

What You Get:

  • A one-hour personal story interview with one of our storywriters
  • An original, 700-1200 word rewrite of your story from Heaven’s Perspective
  • A specially-produced worship CD to walk you through experiencing your story
  • Your story comes in a leather-look embossed journal with journaling questions and additional blank pages for your reflections
  • Your story will be mailed to you within one week of your interview

Money Back

If you are not fully satisfied that your story touches your heart with
Heaven’s Perspective, send it back within 30 days for a full refund.
Details here.

Gift a

IMAGINE: What would be the impact of giving the gift of Heaven’s Perspective to a friend or loved one? Sometimes all it takes is a word from heaven to get someone unstuck or give solace in the midst of a deep betrayal or painful transition. Giving a story is easy: as you sign up for a story, simply check the “This Story is a Gift” box. Then download the elegant gift card and present the card to your friend.


Want to get your story rewritten and learn the reframing tools and principles of heaven we use to create it? Check out Leadership MetaFormation’s Living from the Heart workshop, a creative, highly-interactive four-day experience in getting heaven’s perspective on your life circumstances.